The Scoop Where is it? What's the plan? What is Balboa? What is Bal-Curious? Who's who? Who ELSE is who?
Bri is as beautiful as she is skillful Deco Dance Tampa - Tampa Bays source for Lindy, Balboa, and Jazz Nathan loves to spread the joy of dancing

Nathan Foreman

, aka ThatDanceGuy is, without a doubt, the most eclectic and interesting teacher you will ever take a lesson from. A partnership genius and a legend in his own mind, Nathan has been teaching social dance for nearly 20 years, in three different languages and in four different institutions for the criminally insane. His teaching style is very connection based, striving to develop true communication between leader and follower, between dancers and spectators, between body and mind, and between Earth and Alpha Centauri. When you take lessons from him, you are continually rewarded as you find the difficult becoming easy, and yet challenged as you realize suddenly that the easy is actually difficult.
But seriously, Nathan was trying his best to learn Balboa back before anyone outside of LA had even heard of it. And now that people have heard of it and it's finally beginning to get the attention it deserves internationally, he's making sure that it gets the attention it deserves locally. Sure, everybody in Amsterdam does Bal every day. But we don't live in Amsterdam. So it's up to us to make it happen here.

Brianna Emge

has been teaching Swing dancing in Tampa Bay for over two years, instructing thousands of students in over a hundred classes and private lessons, covering everything from Lindy Hop to Balboa to Charleston, Blues, East-Coast Swing and Fusion. Bri has immersed herself in the Lindy and Balboa cultures, learning everything she can through self-study, private lessons, and workshops. In addition to dance experience, Bri brings extensive teaching and musical experience to the table, as a professional music teacher and musician for over ten years. She combines her professional pedagogy, attention to musicality, and deep-rooted dance technicality acquired since childhood to provide positive and fruitful learning experiences for all her students.

You can find more information on this and other

Swing dance in Tampa

by writing to thatdanceguy @ or by calling 336.327.2985.
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The Scoop Where is it? What's the plan? What is Balboa? What is Bal-Curious? Who's who? Who ELSE is who?