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Hello dancers and future dancers! As of Monday, September 23rd here's the skinny -
I'll be teaching Balboa class series again just like the good old days. At

Hip Expressions

in lovely St. Petersburg, Florida, at 7:00 pm on the 5th of January is the first of six classes in my personal favorite dance -


This site is currently your handy, dandy, online, interactive flyer telling you all about it. But, in a nutshell, it's six hours of dance for $60, which is just a paltry $10 an hour! We'll be meeting on each Friday in October and the first two Fridays in November. This is the perfect window to get a whole course in before the holidays.

You can find more information on this and other

Swing dance in Tampa

by writing to thatdanceguy @ or by calling 336.327.2985.

Be there, whether you're square or not!


Balboa is the most adventurous of all dances. This is known. Bal-Curious - making Balboa common with out making Balboa common Bri Emge is an amazing musician, dancer, and artist

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